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Conceptual Model

Members, Values, and Issues

A Community is the foundation of our ethical model. At its core are the community members, their values, and their issues. Values serve as ethical guidelines to all community decisions. Issues are the most pressing things that the community decides to address.


Community Members, together, determine their values and then prioritize their issues. Their ability to do so is at the heart of what we mean by self-determination and value-driven.

Note that every issue also has a severity measure. This severity is determined by community remembers. ethiTech will then track how this severity changes over time and explain cause-and-effect.



Actions reduce issue severity and ultimately resolve issues. Community members may at any time propose actions they feel will most effectively address a given issue. Different proposals typically reflect different approaches. The choice of one approach over the other is usually a balance between values and cost. This decision can only be made by Elected Trustees, but should be clearly guided by community values. Campaign is the mechanism through which the community ensures such decisions will be value-driven, transparent, and accountable.  


Elected Trustees​

Trustees are elected by the community in order to decide what actions will be carried out towards resolving issues. To get elected they carry out a campaign. 



Campaign is the mechanism by which a community ensures that an elected trustee will act according to its values, select the actions that best represent its needs, be transparent, and be held fully accountable. Each candidate must fully declare:  

  • Their personal position regarding every community value and issue, and

  • For every issue they proposes to address, clearly state

    • their proposed action/s​, and

    • their projected impact on the severity of that issue in a specified amount of time.


It is on the basis of this statement that community members can make an informed-decision as to which candidate to vote for. It is also on the basis of this statement that candidates will be held accountable for their actions. Long term, for each candidate this will also establish an accountability measure.


Our ethical model is designed to

  • Enable and empower every community to self-determine its own future

  • Provide an ethical self-governance framework that is value-driven

  • Maximize transparency

  • Enforce accountability

Our technology

  • Applies propriety algorithms we call Deep Personalization so it can most effectively address not only the unique needs of each community, but also in a way that is most meaningful to each individual member.

  • Provide ongoing guidance and advice based on data from many other similar (and dissimilar) communities worldwide (Data Science, Deep Learning, ML, AI, ...)

  • Clarify the multitude of facets that are related to, and therefore influence, each community value, issue, and action.

  • Gather relevant news, events, and other relevant information in a way that explains the cause-and-effect relationship between actions and issue severity.

  • Interconnect every community, and any member within, with other communities or members whom would mutually benefit, worldwide.

  • Allows users to navigate in time so they can learn and understand how issues and their severity have evolved over time, including cause-and-effect relating to actions, events, news, or any other relevant information.

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