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Our Solutions

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Our solutions are designed to support the needs of a small community, such as a village or school, with a strong emphasis on empowerment: aka inspiring in each and every member a sense of communal belonging, ongoing engagement, and taking an active role in communal self-determination, that is to both set and achieve community goals (see our detailed approach). When officials are required to act on behalf of the community, we focus on ways for them to establish trust through true transparency and accountability.

The path to self determination involves ongoing decision-making that is inherently complex. Our design focuses on enabling informed decision making in ways that keep all members engaged and empowered, especially when they do not agree. Our algorithms also measure the severity of each issue and display it within the community dashboard (below), so that members can validate that things are moving in the right direction, and if not, make the necessary adjustments.


Whereas we are just beginning our journey, below is a sample of some tools we plan to develop. 

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Member Portal: empowering togetherness

The portal is each member's gateway to engage and collaborate with his community. He can take part in setting and prioritizing community goals and issues, propose actions, engage in dialog that helps clarify different points of view and supports informed community-wide decision making, and elect officials. Workflows around proposals enable every member convey his support or objection and attach all related information, actions, and decisions that take place until the proposal is accepted or rejected. See more detail on community mechanismsempowerment, and digital identity.

Dashboard 2019-02-07_18-16-43.jpg

Community Dashboard: tracking progress

The Community Dashboard enables every member get a clear sense of purpose and progress. Purpose is the aggregate of community determined values, goals, and issues. Progress shows if and how things improving over time. Metrics are assigned to every goal, issue, and action, thereby clearly indicating their importance and severity to the community. These metrics are updated in real-time as new decisions are made, actions take place, or new information becomes available. By exploring how metrics change over time, and understanding what caused each change, members become empowered to make more informed decisions towards achieving community goals. See more detail on decision making, metrics, and community dashboards.


Trusted-In: establishing trust

Trusted-In is for members that want to be an elected official so that they can make decisions and act on behalf of the community. This is where they can establish long-term trust through transparency and accountability. Trust is achieved through campaigns and an algorithm that calculates and maintains a trust-index. To get elected, members create a campaign in which they clearly declare:

  1. Their personal view in support or opposition of every community goal, issue, and action;

  2. The specific issue or issues they plans to address;

  3. For each issue, the specific action or actions they plan to carry out;

  4. And for each issue, project the impact of their proposed action/s on the severity of that issue in a specified time in the future.


​All campaigns remain publicly available. An algorithm creates and maintains a trust-index based on each campaign and actual data made available by the Community Dashboard above


Interconnect: communities together

Interconnect brings communities together, similar to the way a community brings its members together. Interconnect provides the mechanisms for communities to learn from each other, collaborate, and help one another. See more detail here.

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