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Why                 ?


Below are some historical events and social issues that inspired our approach and long term vision.

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In late 2010 country after country in the Arab world overthrew a regime its citizens considered inhumane as it was corrupt: the Arab Spring. Regular people sought self-determination. Together they pushed for democratic values, equality, transparency, and accountability. Yet sadly, change was short lived:


While social technology enabled people to peacefully overthrow a regime,


no technology enables self-determination


In 2015 world leaders from 163 countries agreed on 17 Global Challenges for a better world by 2030 (UN SDGs).  On close examination we had two realizations: (1) they apply to all countries, including the most prosperous (2) if bottom-up ethical self-determination was enabled, then some challenges may resolve on their own while others may become  easier to handle.

Interconnecting communities around a common goal

 would benefit the world


Whereas the purpose of government is to realize the purpose of the people (at least in a democracy), there is a growing disconnect between people and government. An alarming number of countries in 2019 are undergoing attempts to change regime. And in the US,  citizen trust in their government dropped from 73% in 1970 to 17% in 2019 (Pew study), and overall frustration leading to civic disengagement is at an all time high (Tribes study). We believe that:


If Purpose was clear and well-defined

 such disconnect would be rare and citizen engagement would increase

And this is why we created                    

We envision a world where anyone can freely create or join a community with the purpose and values they believe in, so that, people together, become empowered to determine the future of their community, and communities together, become empowered to determine the future of their environment.

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