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Students Together Driving Change


High school students are the most passionate about change and will soon be those responsible for the future of us all. They are seeking new ways, but lack skills, structure and enabling technology.


Together with students we are developing an app for them to connect worldwide, learn, help, collaborate and drive change.


We focus on Purpose

We define purpose as a set of goals, issues that stand in the way of obtaining a goal, and metrics that show change-over-time of goal importance and issue severity.

Once purpose is clearly defined, lots of good things start happening:


Students that share a common purpose can find and be-found-by other students anywhere around the world.

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They can interconnect and learn, help, and collaborate with each other. Over time they will form ever growing communities that share their common purpose.

Brainstorm or Decision Making 2019-02-07

Together, they can make the best decisions regarding what actions to take, 


and really increase their aggregate power for driving change.


Once they reach a critical mass -- no government will be able to ignore them.

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