Our mission is simple:

to empower value-driven self-governance in communities worldwide

But what does this actually mean?

Ethics drive our approach

Underlying both our technology and the user experience is a conceptual model of a community that is ethics driven:

  • We empower community self-determination by enabling its members directly define their values and issues . All values, issues, and future actions remain transparent to all members. Clearly articulated values then become the guiding principles to all future decisions.


  • Elections are all about Transparency, accountability, and building trust. To get elected, candidates must first declare their own position on every community value and issue. Then, articulate what actions they propose to address a given issue, and predict their future impact on that issue's severity. Community members can then make informed decisions regarding their candidate-of-choice.

  • Values, issues, and actions may change over time, but they always remain transparent and can be explored along their timeline. 

We focus on communities, not their governments

  • We take a bottom-up approach and start with small communities that their members can self-govern.  


  • We work directly with communities and not with government entities.

  • Government officials may choose to connect with their constituents through their community. Central to this connection will be the community's values, issues, and actions. We believe this approach will maximize ongoing transparency and accountability, and overtime improve the trust between constituents and their elected government officials.

We support communities in need

We are aware that many communities that would greatly benefit from our technology may not afford it. To them we pledge to provide it for free. By doing so everyone gains, because the value and benefits we provide grows exponentially as more communities join.

Our technology suite is designed to empower every individual​

  • Our propriety Deep Personalization technology not only tailors both information and process to the unique needs of each community, but also in a way that is most meaningful to each individual member.


  • Our algorithms uniquely quantify the severity of each and every community issue, and track its changes over time.

  • Our AI uniquely gathers information worldwide in order to clarify cause-and-effect of proposals, actions, and events on the severity of each and every community issue.


  • We interconnect communities worldwide so they can learn, share, collaborate, and help each other.​

  • As more communities interconnect worldwide we learn and improve our service.​

We work together with our communities

We view ourselves as yet another community in the global ecosystem. Our data is your data, and your data is our data. The more data we have, the more benefits to us all. If we ever conclude that by sharing some of our data we can raise additional funding that can improve our research and development, and only if you agree that we share your (totally anonymized) data, then not only will you benefit from cheaper services, but we will share with you a percentage of any profits. 

interconnecting people and communites worldwide to drive change