We interconnect people from diverse disciplines, communities, and experiences so together they can articulate problems, design solutions, create technologies, make music, and learn from each other.


We provide an open, free, and inclusive environment that encourages ongoing dialog, collaboration, and feedback.


Our Common Framework ensures modularity, interoperability, and reuse. This enables developers to focus on their unique contributions, as it enables users construct their own workflows and tools to best explore their unique creative journey.







some guiding assumptions

  • Everyone is unique and may think, create, experience, and collaborate differently.

  • Tools and approaches that inspire one may inhibit another.

  • A tool one  typically avoids may be "just right" in some future creative context.

  • Rather than seek a "universal approach" to creation, make available as many as possible.

  • In design emphasize reuse, interoperability, and composability of both underlying building blocks and  higher level tools. This will enable users to address evolving creative needs by uniquely composing and interconnecting existing elements.

  • Deep Personalization is key to help individuals through their ongoing creative journey and within the context of each creation. This will become especially important when the amount of tools and available approaches becomes (very) large and, otherwise, unmanageable.

  • Effective technical solutions will most likely result from ongoing collaborations across diverse disciplines, skills, backgrounds, and experiences.

interconnecting people and communites worldwide to drive change