Our approach

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This is where we describe the elements, mechanisms, and tools through which we enable a

  • Sense of community

  • Empowerment

  • Self determination

Our focus

  • every individual within a community -- the people.


  • Bottom up. A community. self-sustaining and self empowered

    • The different elements: goals, ...​

  • Interconnect. Many communities. Similar. Interconnect for... ​

  • A new way to connect with Government

Bottom Up -- a Community - the Elements

Through (explain, give examples)

  • Goals

  • Issues

  • Actions


Around which there is community

  • Proposals

  • Dialog

  • Voting

(Decision Making) -- member contribution or trust in an elected to make the right decisions

Ensuring ethical governance of elected through

  • Campaign

  • Visibility

  • Accountability

Support Decision making by

  • Knowing what the community really wants

  • Information (provided by ethiTech)

  • Best practices from interconnected communities

Establish a sense-of-progress through (visibility and accountability here...??)

  • Metrics associated with goals, issues, and actions

  • Dashboards that show how they change over time and why

  • Explanation of cause-and-effect through attaching decisions, events, and news to changing metrics

  • EZ exploration platform that is personalized both to community and individuals

Interconnecting Communities

Interconnecting communities so that they can work together

  • Learn, share, help, collaborate, provide services

  • Together find best action to address serious common issues

A new way to connect with Government

  • Explain the idea of "aggregating communities"

  • The "true" representation of "aggregated" community goals, and issues.

  • How this may improve government (1) knowing what constituents want (2) transparency and (3) accountability

interconnecting people and communites worldwide to drive change