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interconnecting people and communities to drive change

Our goal is to exponentially accelerate our ability to address global challenges that threaten our existence.

Our approach is simple: we first empower communal engagement and then interconnect communities to drive change.

We empower a community through ethical self-governance that promotes dialog, trust, informed decision making, well defined purpose, and clear sense of progress. We then interconnect communities so they can learn, help, and collaborate to drive change and determine the future of their environment. 

Finally, by aggregating community goals we reveal the true "want" of the people. This provides a natural interface for current top-down institutions to act on their behalf.  


A key to success is providing mechanisms that will ignite every individual member to engage, raise his a voice, and take an active role in decision making. To do this we must first bridge across individual differences, values and points of view within a community, and then adapt our mechanisms to the different goals and needs of each and every community.  

interconnecting people and communites worldwide to drive change